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big happy family my arse

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Talk of Season 6

Sera Gamble interview about the coming season, needless to say, spoilers.

So, the show picks up after a year, which is kindda bs. Because Sam let Dean continue to think he is in hell? Errh, unless he is pretty sure he is posing imminent and immediate danger to Dean, he won't do that. But now I am expecting tsunami level of angst, 'cause it is the Show, and the writers know these guys better, I hope, than they know themselves. I think I am (tentatively) ready, for the 6th season

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dime_for_12 August 3rd, 2010
I guess if you think about though, Show has been setting Sam up as the more emotionally callous (brother-wise). Like, canon!Sam? Might just let Dean believe he's been locked up in a cage at the bottom of Hell, because he doesn't think that, hey, letting Dean know differently is a good idea. He's not truly mean or consciously cruel (you know, until he is), but he's really self-centered. Like I expect him to come out with a "I'm sorry, Dean, I just didn't think about it," line in s6.

Of course, my version of Sam isn't quite like that, which is why I like him a hell of a lot better than show!Sam, ahahaha

fourtenpm August 3rd, 2010
yeah, says the gal who killed Sam 3+1 (and counting) times.

But I don't think Sam is still that boy, who wanted his independence back then and ran away and did not think. And kids that age rarely think how their actions are going to affect others. So, I am hopeful for a really good reason.

And of late, I found JP ridiculously attractive, I want to see more of him/Sam.

dime_for_12 August 3rd, 2010
oh, don't get me wrong I'm looking forward to s6 even more with all these clues and hints coming out.

But as for Sam, I'm not even talking about his childhood or leaving for Stanford - I'm saying he's left Dean high and dry before like in 4.01 and again in that Yellow Fever when Dean asked him to stay. Granted, he thought he was doing the right thing, but Dean? Probably would have stayed (especially in 4.01 - there really wasn't a good reason for Sam to take off then). It's those clues that set up the Sam-doesn't-inform-Dean-in-s6, I think.

fourtenpm August 3rd, 2010
He had a hot date with Ruby, that he did not want Dean to find out? Yeah, Dean is the mother figure, he always stays.

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