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big happy family my arse

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Bloody Mary and Free to be You and Me

In terms of Sam's emotional story line, the two stories are pretty similar. They both started with Sam bearing a crushing amount of guilt, then proceed to a case, which ended more or less not sucky; so Sam started to relax and can manage a ghost of a smile, and feel just a little better and thinks maybe there is hope, after all, just maybe...... of course that is exactly when he got this reminder from the universe, saying Nah, I do not think so.

Bloody Mary is an episode that I love to no end. The monster of the week was actually very creepy when she finally showed up; Sam says 'Lollipop and candy canes' and my heart is in pieces. The ending, when Jess showed up all beautiful and glorious and all that Sam could do was to stare, is way up there in the saddest moments of Supernatural. However, considering the situation nowadays, he'd have to agree that this moment was actually one of those happy memories from happy times. Yeah, that is how much his life sucks. Because 4 short years later, when he saw Jess again, he kept asking her why was she here and telling her that she should not be here. The way he leaned into her touch just screamed how little comfort he was getting/allowed himself to get from anyone, anywhere.

Yeah, Sam is a walking and not much talking tragedy, and I think this is why there are so many more great Sam-centric fanfictions out there. 'Cause he is just a material goldmine waiting to happen.

On a shallow note, Sam looks really really good in Free to be You and Me, and hubby thinks he is betterlooking than Dean. hmm, I know I married the guy for a reason.