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big happy family my arse

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Big Bang Note 5

Semiautomagic J2 AU. In which Jensen is a wizard that you can find in yellow page; and Jared's hobby is playing cop. There should be a sequel, indeed as the author noted, there will be people ready to do violence if there weren't.

Out of the night that covers me Winchester AU. Sam deals with his anger management problem the normal people way, by going to see a psychiatrist and taking meds. Meanwhile Dean domesticate. In the end, they settle down.

This is the place Winchester AU. So they retired, found a little peace and quiet for themselves, and maybe happily ever after.

A Handful of Rain J2 AU. In which Jensen is a junkie rich kid, Jared is his house manager. Jared doesn't pretend to know how hard it is to fight addiction every living moments of everyday, and Jensen got back to using for no reason. I don't know how close this is to the reality of addicts, but I guess it is closer than most. And there is a discussion at work about whether or not a drug that could have wipe off the memory of addicting to coke, heroin and fatty food would have cured addiction.

Pins and Needles Winchester AU. In which angles, demons and apocalypse are not mentioned, and Sam and Dean are already in a relationship. Neat case file fic, and the proverbial gun shown on the wall in the first act made an important appearance at the last act.

Fortress Winchester AU. In which Dean came back 7 years later as a demon, kidnapped Sam and they went on a road trip to avert the impending apocalypse. For such a simple title, the story is so complicated and stories happen within a story. And there is going to be a sequel, oh God, let there be a sequel.

be kind, unwind J2 AU. In which Jensen is an uptight self-centered douche that ravels Chad, and Jared doesn't make much appearance. Supporting characters are great, I love Jensen's mom and dad, Chris and Daneel, and pretty much everybody, except Jensen. But he managed to be real, I contribute that to the incident at the festival when he was 7. You just cannot make that kind of stuff up. That, and I don't think anybody's eye color got mentioned unnecessarily.

ps. I am loving spn_summergen so hard.
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dime_for_12 August 17th, 2010
ahaha, I'm so glad you liked Fortress. I actually did a little read-through service for the author! She has another bigbang, too - from the spn_xover bigbang called Midnight of the Century, and I think you can find it at her journal :DDDDDD

fourtenpm August 17th, 2010
Liked is quite the understatement.

How is your computer situation? and you got the job you interviewed for, right?

dime_for_12 August 17th, 2010
I actually got my old laptop working, now. I fiddled around with it until it just - gave up and became functional again. God, I love Sonys :DDDDD We'll see how long this lasts!

And actually, I didn't :C She was all, "you're perfect, and I want you in the LARC ... except not," I don't know. I was perfect for that damn slot, but I'm guaranteed a job since I won the assistantship, so we'll see what they give me :\

fourtenpm August 17th, 2010
SONY stuff is good. I hate apple stuff, with a passion.

Sorry you did no get the job. On the bright side, it could get really confusing working for someone who sends out conflicting messages. Positive thinkging says: consider it a bullet dodged. :D

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