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Random Stuff on Book(s), Movies and alike

Gone Baby Gone is the first and only book, so far, that I have not finished because it is too good. Of course I skipped to the last chapter and know that Patrick broke Angie's heart, by doing the 'right' thing. But the right thing feels so wrong. I don't know if it is a guy thing, but the few people I asked who agreed with Patrick were all guys, whereas gals were a lot more morally ambiguous on this issue. Well, yeah, it breaks my heart too, to see the baby girl go back to a place of negligence. Sometimes negligence is even worse than abuse, because with abusive parents, the baby would have a legitimate chance of getting out. Geez, I did not realize how brave LeHane is until I wrote this line. He could have made Helene abusive, and Patrick would not be confronted with the nobody-wins choice he must make. I would have finished the book then throw it aside without a second thought, as oppose to writing about it to get it out of the system. I read that half book almost 3 years ago.

The Bourne series is where movie adaptations are a lot better than the original books. The first book is your typical spy book, the second one is borderline laughable, the third one started off like a bad fanfic. One chapter in, I decided I had better things to do with my time. Then there is this short fic describing their life in India, which made me immediately think of the last line of Maria: you always have a choice. You really don't, though.

Speaking of fanfictions, aside from the obvious badfic alarm like 'mpreg' in warning, 'orbs' in text; I am leaning toward the husband thing too. CA just overturned same sex marriage again, and people write about Texans guys marrying each other like it is everyday occurrence? Then I do not really read non AU j2 stories, either, unless it is written by writer(s) I really like. It is seriously bad karma.


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