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big happy family my arse

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Marks and Ians

Poor guys, playing rebound guy and/or boytoy, good guys but never good enough. Of course, they have the bad luck of appearing in J2 stories. Poor guys, whatever they have done to not deserve the guy of his dreams? Ah, right, 'cause their name is neither Jared nor Jensen. Pat them.

While I am at it, why is it that AU Jensen seems to get all the issues, whereas AU Jared seems, a lot of times, too good to be true? Is there a consensus or something to cast Jensen with the issues, and Jared a heart as big as TX?

eta. Seriously, if I got a writer friend who would write RPS for me, I'd ask for a fic where Jensen, while introvert but completely issue free, cannot deal with Jared's issue upon issue, despite him being a charming and open guy, and washes his hands off their relationship. Mark and Ian, swooping in, mending respective broken hearts, and live with Jensen/Jared, respectively, happily ever after. Just to restore some balance back to the universe.