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big happy family my arse

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Big Bang Notes 6

SCREW YOU, WE'RE FROM TEXAS J2 AU, in which Jensen became a physical therapist, and Jared an engineer. After a long winding painful journey, there is as happily ever after as it could get.
Discovering Jensen. J2 AU, in which Jensen is a movie star and Jared ghetto kid made it to college and on the verge of broke. I'm surprised that I finished this one, 'cause it got problems. For starters, Jared pick American Lit as his college major, you'd think a kid from ghetto would choose something more immediately employable like EE or computer or accounting; then, he seemed to have strikingly little street smarts.... but the grain of reality that saved this fic is Jared's anger at the whole thing.
Gumshoe Winchester AU, in which Castiel plays private detective. I know it is good when I hit this dialoge, 'I am an angel of the lord''Do you have a signed --- form?'
Thunderbird Wine. J2 AU, in which there is a rock band. It is more on the biz side than the music side, and kind of too clean to be a rock band. But it is a ROCK BAND. Enough said.

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