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big happy family my arse

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Google Can Take Over the World, for All I Care

We drove out to the Niagara Fall for the touristy thing, and our GPS led us through a patch of villages, which was fine by me because the view but rather hard on hubby, since he had to watch for the speed limits and county sheriffs sitting in a speed trap. So on our way back, he told his navigator, who is me, to find out what google maps had to say. Apparently, goolge maps on blackberry is an application, so I accepted all the terms without looking and installed the thing. Then I found out that it can actually find us on the map! And the location is actually pretty accurate. So I asked it for directions to home and was directed to the NY Thruway, all in the middle of loud protests from our GPS.

20 min on the thruway, traffic slowed down to a crawl, hubby, being a guy, starting to contemplate driving over the divider and go back an exit to find another way. Of course, it was up to me to point out that the GPS would only direct us back to where we were. While the discussion was going on, I found there was this show traffic button on google maps, so of course I clicked on that, and viola, there was this icon of two cars head to head showing up not far from the blue arrow that represented our location. We drove at snail speed for a couple miles, then really, on the highway shoulder, there was this originally white bus burned down to charcoal gray skeleton, a couple uniform guys was poking around the engine area, and quite a few people milling around in the surrounding lawn area. One of the two lanes was closed, and everybody slowed down to have a look, hence the jam.

Shortly after we crossed the stateline into NJ, I realized that I do not need to reload google maps in order for it to find our current location, it was tracking our progress all by itself already. It is scary and scary convenient. After we got home, I checked it again, the accuracy of where the phone was is a thing that is both amazing and terrifying.

I thought about it for a bit and decided that if google the evil empire is going to take over the world, I might not really have a problem with it, because it makes life so so so easy.