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big happy family my arse

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Things to Look Forward to

I suppose everybody has seen this by now, so I am inserting for my own benefits. Made by maichan

I think they are doing it on purpose, you know, shamelessly use their leading actors' physical appeal to lure audience back in, after sort of the end of a complete story. I mean, last month, it was Jensen playing soccer half naked; now, THIS! It is like they do not have a cliff hanger from the last season, so they parade the two actors, half naked, around the internet.

It is working. Keep them coming.

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raeschae September 15th, 2010
Heavy-handed or not, I'm easy. ;)

fourtenpm September 15th, 2010
right? right! show some skin, I am in.

dime_for_12 September 15th, 2010
OMG, WHAT IS THIS???????????????????? O_O

And, and Sam doesn't look monstrously huge like he was in s5 (he's back to being more "hot" than "wtf scary" yay!).

GAH. I, too, am so, so easy. And delirously happy :DDDDDD

fourtenpm September 15th, 2010
why, it is only Sam doing pull ups, without shirt, and jeans hanging low. calmly answer. after staring for a ... while

I realld did not think he was monstrously huge back in season 5, remember the first 5 min of 5.3? He was just as perfect.

dime_for_12 September 15th, 2010
Well, maybe not *huge*, but you have to admit - his neck was getting thicker, and I adored his long, slim neck *fans self* It was my weakness, so it pissed me off when it started disappearing with the onset of super-duper-macho!Sam

fourtenpm September 15th, 2010
I see, I got all distracted by the shoulders and arms, and, generally speaking, muscles.

fourtenpm September 16th, 2010
You know, come to really think about it, I used to be a fan of the Govenator, still am, in a way. I really like guys with big arms and shoulders. But, if you build up the shoulder muscles, you loose the slim neck line. It is just the way the shoulder muscles are shaped.

Anyway, guess my point is, I like them big..... :D

whatjuliewrites September 16th, 2010
No. It is not working....yet.

Try harder, SPN.

fourtenpm September 16th, 2010
You mean, more, Sam showing skin, a lot of it?

On the other hand, I am actually intrigued as to what's going to happen, there is definitely something off about Sam, in that promo.

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