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big happy family my arse

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Dean the smothering mother

So, I was chatting with my girl friends about parenting, being one myself. By chatting I mean I whined voiced my concern about the probability of me not being much of a mother material, and they said of course you are, you are the greatest mother ever. Keep in mind that they are all without child yet, and some of them aren't married yet, this right here is why women should always always have girlfriends.

Anyway, one of them said, and I quote,

"Many women are accustomed to the idea that they themselves are worthless. Their only worth comes from raising children. Of course, then, that children is the primary source for them to feel good about themselves.

However, it is precisely these mothers who are very likely to ignore their children's own emotional and psychological needs, because in fact the mothers are very self-absorbed and self-centered. Their own need to assign value to themselves (through child care) often tramples any space to empathize with the child's own needs, which sometimes conflict with the mother's need. These are the kind of smothering mother-child relationships that will often end in rebellion or guilt-ridden entanglements. "

Being addicted to the Show as I am, of course I almost immediately concluded that Dean is the smothering mother type. One thing that Dean did that grated me the most is how easily he dismissed Sam's dream of future, in the Pilot. Of course he had his reasons, and in the end, it was not him who crashed that dream ---- Dean cared too much about Sam to actually not let Sam have the dream life, but still, it is not one of Dean's best moments.

Sad thing is that I never convinced any of my girlfriends to start watch the Show, and hubby got so annoyed with my addiction that he refuses to watch on the principle of things.