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big happy family my arse

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For me, the real discrepancy is not how cold and remote he acts. Remember back all those years back, in pilot, after Jess died in that awful fire in front of his eyes? He clamped up on all his emotions, and did not even shed tears where the audience can see. Back from hell? I imagine he'd just partition the feeling part of himself so deep and so complete that even himself would have trouble getting in touch with that part of him. The facade is all cool badass Sam, only clink was when he refused to talk about Hell. He was not in denial, he admitted that he remembered the cage, but he was not talking about it. Dean never got Sam to talk about his problems, all these years of show, never once did Dean managed to get Sam to open up. That is pretty impressive character consistency.

The discrepancy, for me, is rather the way he acted a bit full of himself. Like he is really proud, bad proud, as he was accused of previous seasons, but never was. This could be part of the badass facade, but still unnerving to see. It is like Sam the person is buried so deep in there somewhere that you wonder whether there is a chance you got to see that person again. That and Sam refused point blank to take the Impala. I mean, he is refusing his childhood home and the thing that gave him the control over Lucifer. That is the most disturbing thing happened for me.

eta, JP has grown to a beautiful beautiful man and a great actor.

ETA2, I don't have a problem with Lisa telling Dean that Ben needs a father figure in his life. I would have, maybe, if I did not have one pretty much attached to my hips. But I do. So from my experience, kids like it when daddy is around, and it is certainly easier on mommy. And from the first time Lisa and Ben showed, Ben definitely needs a father figure to teach him how to kick bully ass.