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big happy family my arse

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Sam profile

That is.....

I like this Lisa, surprise surprise. They actually got the baby stuff pretty cute and cuddly. Everybody is wondering about Sam, Sam included. Funny though how it was Sam who pointed out the similarity between what Dean was doing and what John had done. He is just so analytical without much anything else. And of course grand pa Campell is, what, I don't know, bad guy?

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dime_for_12 October 2nd, 2010
ahaha, the Campbells *are* awfully suspicious. There's fandom-wide agreemet on that one (so they're probably not evil/bad guys at all, watch).

And yeah - Sam's attitude is certainly very straightforward (can we say excessive compartmentalization? We can if I can actually type the damn word right, jeebus, ugh)

fourtenpm October 2nd, 2010
The Campbells can compete in the creepy family award and win without even trying!

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