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big happy family my arse

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umm, interesting 3rd episode of a new story line

So the show is going back to gross and funny. Congratulate my stomach for not rebelling taken in stuff while the Moses's staff was working its magic. You are made of stern stuff, I approve.

I like this Cas, he is pissed, hurried and no bleeding heart, while retaining a heart, sort of.

And Dean, telling Ben 'I lie professionally', I don't even have word for that! And Sam, what did the Linsey gal say about him last season, ah, 5.03(!), an enigma wrapped in a riddle wrapped in a taco? Only this time, he really is.

Whatever this season bring, it sure will be damn interesting!

ps. does SOON mean not next week?

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dime_for_12 October 9th, 2010
What? They said "soon"? Look at my icon, I do not approve.

Also, IAWTP, yes I do (I gagged a bit, though, with the slidey skin stuff. Stomach, not so strong :C )

fourtenpm October 9th, 2010
Yeah, they said SOON, I suppressed a NOOOOOOOOOOOOOO so that I don't look like a total psycho.

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