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big happy family my arse

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The problem of Fanfiction etc

I have been reading a lot of fanfictions, the fandom of course is Supernatural, so as to pass the long month after Lucifer rose and before he actually shows up. Lucky me that I got hooked on the Show only this summer, I do not know how fans survived the suspension after No Rest for the Wicked, I do not take suspension well. Honestly, I have been reading way too much fanfictions, so much so that I started to believe J and J are actually in love and all that crazy stuff. 

Anyway, there are a lot of good fictions out there, quite a lot of them read like real literature (no offense to fanfictions in general) and a lot of them are way better than published fictions. This fact got me thinking why, besides the obvious owner issues. The conclusion I reached is that the narrative of fanfictions depends too much on the Show. Basically, fanfictions do not need to describe Sam and/or Dean beyond a couple keywords like tall, shaggy/spiky hair, green/hazel eyes; every (sane) fan would know Dean's cocky swagger (oh, all that swagger), and Sam's lethal persuasion power of the puppy dog eye, and the way they matter to each other and keep each other human. However, I think all these would be lost on casual readers, just because they do not know the reference that is the Show. Then there is all these supernatural backstory stuff, like angels and demons, vengenful sprits, ghouls and gods; but this won't be too much a problem, because if anyone is reading fantasy, this guy/gal has to have no real problem with the supernatural, or the concept of it. I actually found myself enjoy a good AU story more, for the reason that it is kinda liberating to get the story without knowing previous and/or subsequent events. 

Another huge plus point for published work is that they are and will be finished eventually, unlike some of the stories that just got hung on a cliff for years and years. weeping.