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big happy family my arse

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huh, ok, and everybody is right

Of course Sam is not human, so I was totally onto something when I made that observation. And everybody is right, he is missing a soul. And hum, Goddess of Truth only works on human with a soul. That still leaves the question what exactly is Sam?

And it is a wrap between Lisa and Dean. Cannot say that I am much saddened by it, but, yeah, I kinda had hoped it could work out between them.

And Sam, when he made that confession about missing something and telling the God-honest truth (except, how do we know he actually is telling the truth, since he could lie to the face of the Truth Goddess), he used his Sammy voice, the one he used when he confessed to Dean, errh well, Dean found out about him using his power and confronted him, he used that voice to try to convince Dean that it is all right, making him sound all about 5 years old and completely vulnerable. That, did not end well, either; though better than this one, I gotta say.

Ah, I am enjoying this season better than the last one, a lot better.

eta, found this line from zimshan's post-hell Sam meta
LUCIFER: Come on, Sam, I’ve never lied to you, why don’t you pay me the same respect. That’s okay, I’m not mad. Let’s see, a wrestling match inside your noggin. I like the idea. Just you and me? One round? No tricks. You win? You jump in the hole. I win? Well, then I win. What’d you say, Sam? A fiddle of gold for your soul says I’m better than you.
SAM: *mutters* So he knows, doesn’t change anything. *Turns to Lucifer* ...Yes.
so yeah, a piece of Sam is still in the cage, I imagine.