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big happy family my arse

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err, Ok, that is kinda

Spoiler cut for 6.7

So I missed the first couple minutes of the show, and did not see how Cas got there. Possibly missed the best part of the show, 'cause it is sorta kinda underwhelming. It is good when the first vampire ask Sam where do we freaks go? Now, that is something to prick my interest. Then again, Sam doesn't have a soul, he doesn't feel. Perfect weapon, finally, how ironic. Crowley, is the big bad of the season? I don't quite buy it, King of Hell or not, he doesn't have that kind of mojo to pull this kind of stunt. Unless, of course, he got friendly with some loose angel, and they are working together in a mutually distrusting sort of way.

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she_rockstar November 9th, 2010
I like the idea of Crowley teaming up with an angel to get the mojo to pull all of this off. Powerful or not, we have been told demons are lost soul. If they could be as powerful as angels it would be chaotic.
Castiel was already there when the episode began. I assume Dean called for him as soon as he could.

It is good when the first vampire ask Sam where do we freaks go?

I agree. That was an interesting conversation all around.

fourtenpm November 10th, 2010
it is kinda sad though that Sam is, once again, the freak.

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