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big happy family my arse

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ah well,

so I missed first 5 minutes again, and the first scene I saw was the brothers eating at a shack kinda place. I was struck by 2 things, 1st, Sam is surely eating a lot this season; 2nd, Damn they are good looking! So this story goes back to the stray being loyal to the family that adopted him. I imagine it hit a nerve with Dean, seeing that he is very protective of Lisa and Ben; and that he was turned away from that family. I just couldn't quite reach down deep enough to find enough sympathy for Dean.

This soulless Sam is eeriely weirdly good with his words. As numerous people have pointed out numerous times, he lives by a set of rules, probably self-imposed, to navigate through the treacherous zigzag of daily life of a hunter. Seeing that he has no instinct, it only makes sense. but the point is, he wants his soul back, he wants to go back to that previous Sam, who thinks and thinks and thinks about all the shades of gray between black and white, and how gray is too gray. God, I miss that Sam too. We haven't seen much of him since mid-season 3.

I am liking this season so far. Better than the last season. I think because the story line is less angst heavy and nobody says destiny just yet.