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big happy family my arse

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a joke

well, a gal on my flist was talking about Castle speaking Chinese in the latest episode. Naturally I went to watch, since mostly they are just speaking gibberish, except for one very memorable episode of Ally McBeal, where Lucy Liu used her very sad and persuasive demeanor quoting a 'Chinese proverb' to convince a jury of her point, when actually she was saying something like whatever I say, you won't be able to understand, so I will just say whatever. That was pretty much the funniest moment on that show.

Anyway, I gotta give it to Castle, if you know he is speaking Chinese and listen really hard, he is indeed speaking somewhat Chinese there. Though, on the other hand, if someone is pointing a gun at me, I won't be able to understand a word out of his mouth. Which leads to the best real life joke ever. So I got this co-worker who is pretty adventurous about his spoken languages, and he'd like to think he speaks understandable Chinese. Then there is this new guy from mainland China, he greeted the guy with the Mandarin version of good morning, and the guy said: sorry, I do not speak Spanish. with all the sincerity in the whole wild world.
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