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big happy family my arse

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brothers research

Heart and Soul

What is it with Demons/other monsters and Dean? Why they always always sexually harassing Dean with their eyes?

I think I finally figured out why I like season 1-3 Dean so much, because he was all commanding and action. It is really hot. Sam, back then, was sweet and hugable, bleeding heart and all, but definitely not as hot. Now without a soul, he is..... I do not even have a word for it, just so so so in control. He has a goal and he goes for it, straight line, no distraction and no stopping. I like that in a guy, actually, scratch that, I love that in a guy.

Then there is the matter of Sam's soul. Sam said he remembers the cage, did not want to talk about it. I really do hope they, I mean the writers, would remember that. 'Cause I do hope the reason why Sam is having second thought about this soul business is not only because angels and demons said so. It is because he remembers it, that he doesn't want to give up being a functional member of the society, albeit a psychopath, and risk being a slobbering mess of wreck. I don't blame him. The question is why Dean wants Sam's soul back so much. It is a bad analogy, but I am thinking about Stanford. Sam wants to go, Dean, not so much a fan of the idea; he wants his brother to be around, because they are soul mates, and made for each other, hence are supposed to spend ever after together, he wants HIS Sam.

This show is getting better and better, I wonder if there is going to be a next season; shouldn't they know, a little, by now?