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big happy family my arse

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I caught this one on TV, Dean's remark about security cameras "love and trust all around" is just my kind of snarky, part of the reason that I went and rented the show when I got a long weekend by myself to kill, which got me hooked like a good addict.

This episode is probably the first one where Dean's self-wroth problem surfaced. It is also, I think, Sam's determination to keep Dean alive showed. He is not going to let Dean die, period. So he brought Dean to this faith healer. He said he was sorry when he figured out that a stranger died in order for Dean to live. But I got a distinct impression that he was not sorry at all that Dean lived, just sorry that Dean was going to feel like crap once he learned it.

The question I have been wondering is that if Sam knew before they got there that the faith healer was actually working dark magic, would he still bring Dean over to get healed. I think he would, in a heart beat.