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big happy family my arse

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I don't remember how I got into watching UFC, but I did. Currently I am fanning two fighters, in the sense that when they fight, I'd watch from behind my hands, or hubby's shoulder. In another words, I am emotionally invested. One is Frank Mir, the other is Roger Huerta. I like them because they are seemingly nice and quiet guys, especially Roger Huerta, who has dimples! who are capable of such violence..... same reason I like cats, big and small.

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cha January 10th, 2011
I LOVE UFC :D Frank Mir seems like a real genuine guy. I felt the same about Matt Sera but he's only teaching now I think :D

fourtenpm January 10th, 2011
He does, doesn't he.

I like your countryman George St-Pierre too, but he is too good and kinda clinical, same thing goes for Anderson Silva, that guy is invincible!

cha January 10th, 2011
yeah GSP is a nice guy but I'm not a huge fan. I used to think he was good to watch but I'm not so sure his fights are as entertaining as some others.

Yeah Silva is nutty good that guy. Sometimes the best fights are unknowns.

I like - Clay Guida -t hat guy is insane!

dime_for_12 January 10th, 2011
I don't know!


No, but seriously, I've never watched (never *wanted* to, although the idea of guys beating each other to shit is rather appealing >:D )

fourtenpm January 10th, 2011
errh, it is not really about guys beating each other up, for me, I don't think... shifty eyes.

I watched the match between Roger Huerta and Gray Maynard the other day, it is such skill and reflex and drama, the way they move around, light on feet, fists all tight, and predatory, man, I like them lean and mean.

Yeah, I have a thing for peaceful men who are dangerous.

dime_for_12 January 10th, 2011
Suuure it's not. I believe you.


(I can see the appeal, though, especially when you describe it like that)

dime_for_12 January 10th, 2011
Also, I forgot that I'm watching the bigbang comm and I saw the sign ups. I SAW THEM, and you want to know my first thought?

"OMG, gen Bobby, preseries." /o\ TALK ME OUT OF IT OR I MIGHT SIGN UP, UGH

fourtenpm January 10th, 2011
why, in the whole wild world, would I do that?

dime_for_12 January 10th, 2011
because ... because you care, you meanie!

which *sniffs* is slightly spoiled if I have to inform you about it. :|


fourtenpm January 10th, 2011
fyi, by definition, a meanie doesn't care.....

dime_for_12 January 10th, 2011
ahahahah, oh god I love your icon! *squishes*

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