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big happy family my arse

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There is this bit of news/rumor that Jared Padalecki is casted in John Woo's movie 'Flying Tigers'. Much as I'd like to see him in a movie, I kinda hope he is not the leading man in the movie. 'Cause, God, John Woo produces the cheesiest, cliche-st action flick known to mankind. There is a running joke about his use of white pigeons flying out under impossible circumstances. And his storyline, the plot is, most times, bad fanfiction kind plot. The leading guy character is always always conflicted about a situation that is pretty much forced, so much so that I have to roll my eyes and cannot sympathize, at all. The supporting guy character, oh there is always a supporting guy character, is 9 times out of 10, plenty good. So yeah, I am kinda rooting for JP to get that role. hee. I do want to see him in a movie, in a movie theater.

I was such a fan of John Woo, when he was doing hard boiled, for a better tomorrow, etc., he was cool back then; now, though, bad trope all around. It is a little sad that I actually grew out of that part of me. God I am getting old.