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big happy family my arse

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Oh Sam

I think I am probably the only gal who misses Sam minus a soul. I mean, yeah, that Sam is a scary SoB, and he would feed Dean to vampires, and he would go after Bobby to soil the housing for the soul; but but but he is so much fun!

Now poor old Sam got his soul back, and once again he is in a guilt trap. He is to make up and fix things that he did last year, like back in the beginning of season 5; only that he doesn't remember what he did!

Poor guy!

eta. I am happy that the plot goes pretty fast, seemingly, and that they did not draw the thing out longer. But the plot hole in this episode is kinda like the roads after the snow melted. Good thing that the brothers are back to almost normal.

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dime_for_12 February 5th, 2011
I get that, but I am *now* re-infatuated with the WinBro dynamic, where I wasn't earlier in the season (liked soulless!Sam, didn't like soulless!Sam/Dean interactions, at ALL, really).

Also, the Sam/Cas moments?



fourtenpm February 5th, 2011
Yeah, that moment is golden, funny thing is that I just read a Sam/Cas fic while on sick baby duty and I can sorta see where that's coming from :D.

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