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big happy family my arse

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AU and Other Fanfic Things

hum, I read fanfictions, that, in and by itself, is kind of embarrassing to admit to people outside of fandom. And the handful friends who know that I HAVE a fandom laughed at me, in my face, outright, before I even said a word about fanfictions. I told one of my closest friends that a lot of them are better written than a lot of best sellers, e.g. Da Vinci Code. The friend said I got low standards. So, that is that. But, yeah, I am reading fanfictions, granted that I do it mostly while I am on sick/sleeping baby duty, but still, the fact is that I find fanfictions, a lot of them anyways, quite a good read. And honestly, most fics on my Nook are fanfics off lj.

Of course a lot of them are mediocre ones. Herein lays the question, why am I reading them, just because it's a J2 or Sam/Dean story? Because I don't read romance, and most J2 stories are romance. Usually, in a library, I make a beeline to mystery section. I like the way those books present life, it got a feeling to it. Like Walter Mosley's Easy stories, it is the only chance that I'd ever get of taking a peek of the way of life of a working black guy in the 50s. The point is not who killed whom, though somebody usually got murdered in the first chapter, but rather the smell of sweat and earth of a real guy, how he dealt with dilemma his daily life dealt him, the choices he made. Walter Mosley is one of those few writers whose first pov narrative doesn't make me cringe. Same thing goes for Dennis Lehane, only he deals with Boston Irish.

So, yeah, why am I reading fanfictions? Mostly, I guess, because it is fun, something that i can do at work while waiting for stuff to happen. But I have to admit that quite a few of them take me on an emotional roller coaster and I found myself going back to those fics again and again. huh, guess I do read romance, when it is done well. Then why J2 and Sam/Dean? Guess it's like picking out movies, if, say, Matt Damon is in it, I'd like to give it a chance, and if it is directed by Clint Eastwood, I am there in the movie theater, holding my breath, waiting for heartache.