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big happy family my arse

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it has to ends there, right?

Of course it has to end where Sam remembers Hell. In a way I am happy that it went there, in the sense that the shoe has dropped; but but but, now I am remembering why watching while airing sucked.

Err, this one is pretty intense. Though I don't get how come the ex-sheriff's wife got a key to a prison cell, and how exactly did Sam got back to the house? Anyway, could be that the tiny town only has like 1 cop working the whole area, so yeah, it works, maybe, whatever. Once you do away the reality, the story is actually good. Sam is going to fix whatever he is going to fix, but somethings are just irreversible, there is no fixing it. And God, the soulless Sam is a cold bmf, hot though, but so frigging cold.

So now there are this many spider men and women running around, I hope somebody deals with them. I got ocd and hate loose ends like that. why you ask?

I love the final exchange between brothers. Dean: let's be clear, it was not you. Sam: let's be crystal clear, it was me. Yeah, Sammy, no way out of that guilt trap, is there?

ETA: this episode actually underscored how right Dean was to get Sam's soul back. #1, Soulless Sam was a scary BMF, a new kind of monster; #2, Sam's soul was suffering, hell fire.

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dime_for_12 February 12th, 2011
First, your cut text? HILARIOUS, ahahahahaha

Ha, okay, EXACTLY my thought re: sheriff's wife and the mysterious cell key.

Also, I love the dynamic - Dean falling into that "you're okay, I've got your back, I've got you" thing that makes him so. friggin. awesome.

Edited, because I can't spell.

Edited at 2011-02-12 03:54 am (UTC)

fourtenpm February 12th, 2011
Yeah, I love it when Dean goes all 'Come on, it's Sam....' Then Sam goes 'yeah, you have to kill me because I'm a monster.' Dean goes: no, not happening. Sam goes: you have to.

It's kinda silly, I don't know why I love the show so.

Yeah, hubby has his moments. hehe.

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