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big happy family my arse

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the baby

I honestly do not get how he can transform from the sweetest little thing sleeping the sleep of innocent to the energy ball bouncing off the four walls and floor, and ceilings --- if he can manage that, that is, in 5 minutes flat after he wakes up. Maybe we really should have a dog, so that they can tire each other out on cold windy winter days; on the other hand, I do not need to go out for walk those days. Sigh, life is never easy choices.

This morning, on my way out of daycare, bumped into teachers wheeling babies out of infant room, the one he graduated from last summer. Man, I forgot how tiny the babies are already, now that mine is officially a toddler and entering the very fun terrible 2 era. There is this crazy-hair baby in that class, his hair can be however long, and yet each and every one of them would be standing up straight from the roots. He looks very funny and adorable in that hair style. Today, his hair is calm, pretty slick looking even. Of course he is no less adorable for that.

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dime_for_12 January 27th, 2010
That's true - I get sucked in every time I see a tiny baby. I mean they're so cute, but I turn and see my three nieces, usually in some form of 'she's touching me' 'the baby's mean!' or something along those lines, (who've lived with me almost their entire lives) and think "ahahaha, yeah, good luck with that!" *bg*

fourtenpm January 28th, 2010
Honestly, I like them bigger, capable of verbal communication in stead of just screaming their heads off for no apparent reason.

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