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big happy family my arse

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I think I am never going to look at mannequins the same again, thanks very much. They are plenty creepy without being homicidal to start with.

But here is the thing, one grows up, and gets to know people along the way, so when one is, say 30, he/she would/should have a pretty long contact list. At the core is immediate family, a bit outer is extended family that includes cousins and close friends. So you go bitch about your spouse to your brothers/sisters/friends, and vise versa, so as to keep sane and deal. I imagine this is part of the normal safe life Sam was striking for and shot down so many years ago. For the WinBros, this never really happened. They have Bobby, and that is pretty much it. John messed up the boys in so many ways.

This is such a sad episode. I like this Lisa, so very much. I was rooting for Dean to turn the car around and beg Lisa to work out something. sigh, I was hoping for something lighter. Not going to happen in the near future.

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dime_for_12 February 19th, 2011
Well, I dunno. I mean, I guess on average what you say is true, but as I get older, my contact list gets, well, smaller actually. I mean, I have coworkers and acquaintances, but not really people outside of *immediate* family that I'd ever talk of anything important/private. I get, though, that that might not be normal.

Also, I don't like Lisa. I've finally decided. But I do agree that this was a very sad epi. Although Sam was pretty put together, which is just ... hilariously ironic, really.

fourtenpm February 19th, 2011
Did I mention that you are younger than the niece I babysat? heehee, you are not there yet. I have been and still am a loner, most times, but I got a couple friends who I bitch hubby to, and another few to bitch about the general state of life.

Why don't you like Lisa?

dime_for_12 February 19th, 2011
I don't know exactly. Something was off about her character (a slight reversal of what we were given before), but it was that kind of ... instinctual "eck, woman, off the screen," which I had never experienced before with her character.

Basically, she didn't seem as together and competent as she had been, and those were the attributes I really liked. Without them, I don't see the value of the character, and she's suddenly just a face on the screen taking up time.

fourtenpm February 19th, 2011
ah, I like the fact that she can say that she knows what she wants, and realistic enough to know she cannot have it, then proceed to move on. I like this version, as oppose to pre-season 6 version.

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