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big happy family my arse

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1, I like this epi, a lot. Guess I am in the minority, well, as a friend of mine put so nicely, I got unique taste.

2, I was really worried when the demon showed up, although I was rooting for her to rip the really annoying kid apart.

3, the ending comments about normal apple pie life sounds like a reverse of opinions. Sam was totally disillusioned, and honestly do not want it. Dean, on the other hand, came out of his denial, finally, and wonder out aloud maybe that life is not so bad. Maybe after all, Dean is Mary's son, being a hunter because he doesn't have a choice; and Sam is John's son, becoming a hunter with zeal.

4, It is kind of weird for Dean to comment on Sam drinking with him, really. They have shared many a road side beer. Weirdness aside, this comment got me thinking. They are brothers, and way too codependent; they love each other fiercely and they'd do anything for each other, yet they are not friends. They are bound by mutual history and loss, yet their personalities clashes all the time. If they had been strangers, would they even like each other and hang out? If they got a normal life together, they might really be the kind of brothers who do not talk outside of holidays, and not even for the reason in dijin's dream world. Dean would rebel, in a normal nonstanic way, get into a little trouble, but he will end up living the white picket fence life. He always knows right from wrong, he will become the nice guy down the block, eventually. I never believed he'd steal from his own family. Sam would be the good kid you wish never exist in your world. He'd be nice, sincere and fighting for all the right causes. He'd constantly tell Dean to straighten up, and Dean'd constantly tell him to lighten up.

5, Sam grabbed starwar T-shirt and went virgin; found Dean's favourite skin mag and went: desperate virgin. I do wonder what he really thinks of Dean's womanizing.