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big happy family my arse

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Chasing Blue Sky - Part IV. the Aftermath

Before the dust settled

Things settled down so fast that it was ridiculous. Jared was so pissed about his dogs almost got burned alive that he didn't even pretend to be civilized any more. Jared had always been fiercely protective of what's his, so much so that Jensen often felt bad for the sorry ass who dared to mess with him, then had to bear the fury of Jared Padalecki.

Even so, Jensen wasn't prepared for all the killing in the next few days. He hadn't realized how much Jared had tamed over the years, the blood bath that turned his stomach only put a sneer on Jared's face.

Somehow in the chaos, Misha managed to dispose of his old boss and become the new force. He also managed to negotiate a truce with Jared, then he started to walk around everywhere in jeans and sweater vest. He kept on telling people that was why he did it. On some level, Jensen believed him.

The wedding was schedule a week after Gabe's funeral, the same day Jensen was leaving town. He waited outside of the graveyard for the mourning crowd, composed mostly of Carla and her friends and Jared, to come out. Carla was the only one who shed true tears, and Jensen couldn't help but think what a lucky bastard Gabe was.

A man died and a woman wept for him. It was the most ordinary thing in the world. Yet Jensen knew it wasn't all that ordinary. The scummest scum that ever walked the earth had someone wept for him, someone that would never wept for another man like this, not even her own husband, should life turn out that way.

Carla spat on the ground when she saw him. Jensen was pretty sure she would have spat on him if she could have. Truth be told, she would have put two holes through him if she could have gotten away with it. But that was all she did, she spat on the ground, glared at him with pure hatred, then turned silently and walked away stiffly. Jensen felt a stab of guilt and pity for her, despite himself.

Jared strolled up to him, glanced towards Carla's retreating figure, turned to look at Jensen and said 'You know you really don't have to go.' He ducked his head after he finished the sentence, unsure of what's next. Jared was dressed in dark suit and dress pants for the occasion. He looked strangely grownup and weirdly young at the same time.

'Oh, but I really really do.' Jensen tried to explain, 'It's not about, you know.....' he waved a hand to indicate what he meant. Jared nodded at that, like he knew exactly what Jensen was talking about. Jensen continued 'It's just that.... I have to go.' He looked at Jared, willing him to understand without him saying more.

He knew that Jared and Carla was going to be a steady couple, celebrating their 50th anniversary if they lived that long. They'd grey, and Jared would have softened by the years of soft living, maybe even support something like a belly, Carla would retain all her grace and most of her looks. They'd share a sweet kiss in front of family and friends, and go home to separate bedrooms. They each respected the other too much to embarrass the spouse with open affairs, though they'd definitely fool around, but they would be loyal to each other where it mattered. They would raise their family behind a white picket fence, in a 2 storied house with a huge back yard. Or more likely, in a mansion with guarded gates. Carla would turn to bottle for comfort, and Jared would have a series of mistresses on the side to keep him entertained. Together, they'd do fund raising for their kids' schools, and donate generously. They'd show at their kids' graduation dressed to the tee and act the proud parents they really were. Just below the surface, there would always always be something missing.

Something as mundane as blue sky.

Jensen knew it all because he walked away from a situation exactly like this. He didn't realize he walked into one in the making.

When Jared kept on looking at him expectantly, he wished like never before that he'd accept face value was all the value that there was, but he shrugged and somehow found his usual attitude, said with a smirk 'The road goes ever on and on.'

Jared laughed 'You should stop quoting the damned hobbit.

'Well, it's true.'

Jared smiled, sad, 'So you are not going to settle down here, in this town?'

Jensen shook his head. Jared nodded, slapped his shoulder, said 'Don't be a stranger and don't change your phone number. Or I will hunt you down, where ever you are.'

Jensen grinned at that, he had no doubt that Jared meant every word, at least for now, and said 'Sure.', hesitated and added almost reluctantly, 'I will swing by if I can.'

Jared's rueful smile almost broke his resolute, he got in the car before he changed his mind, and drove away.

Chasing blue sky.

the end.

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ceriseros May 27th, 2011
This fic was utterly brilliant! Thank you so much for this <3

fourtenpm May 27th, 2011
Thank you.

I am mostly relieved that someone other than me actually read through it, and likes it.

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