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big happy family my arse

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Dean kill me now

Chasing Blue Sky - Part III. the Third Day and Night

What happened the previous day

Jensen dutifully made his round in the morning, to look after Jared's property. It was bad. Somehow he was sure that Morgan's side of town looked worse.

This time it wasn't Carla who let him in the house. The petite red head who opened the door for him led him to Carla's room, not that he needed the direction. A cloud of blue smoke rushed out when the door opened. Jensen walked in, coughed, said 'Jeez, how long have you been at it?'

Carla's voice was jagged like an old woman, but no less musical, she said by way of explanation 'It calms me.' She sounded tired and defeated. It was then that Jensen noticed that she was not wearing make-up, her face was pale and her eyes dark. She looked more naked than when she was actually naked. For a split second, Jensen wondered whether Jared ever seen her like this, whether she'd let Jared see her like this, vulnerable, her inner constellation laid bare. Then he remembered Jared had always been good at seeing people, he wondered whether this was what Jared saw.

'You know I always had this dream, nightmare.' Carla said in a faraway tone, 'We used to live on a street where there was this dog, it was mean, and it always chased me. I always dream about it. Running from the dog. I'd be so scared when I woke up, then I'd go find Gabe. He'd hold me, and tell me it's just a dream, the dog was dead, he killed it, dead, and everything's fine.' Carla laughed a little laugh, continued, 'It's bullshit. I know it's bullshit. But I need to hear that bullshit.' She drew in another half of ciggarette, continued 'Oh, don't think I don't know, know that Gabe's next big scheme is going to land us in a bigger mess. I know. Too well. Just, I need him alive, telling me it's ok, the dog is dead.' She turned her eyes to Jensen, dark and glistening, whispered, 'I need him to be alive.'

Jensen nodded, told her 'I will keep him alive. Promise.'


Some time around noon, Jensen got a call from Jared, asking him to come pick him up at his old house later that night. Jensen was surprised, they'd scouted out a safehouse for Jared and his people to crash, he asked 'Didn't you gone mattress?' Jared laughed and told him, 'I have to go get my dogs. Chad should pick me up, but, ya'know, he's busy.' Chad was crashing in another safehouse. It was the smart thing to do. Jensen laughed too, it was hard not to laugh, said 'You and your mutts.'

He passed the rest of the day hiding out, more or less, in his own apartment. The gunfire was turning sporatic, like they were waiting for a chance of that killing strike.

Jensen was on his way to Jared's house when he saw the flame in the direction. He floored the gas pedal and got there when the fire got on in earnest. Jensen was out of the car even before he put it on park, yelling for Jared, not caring he could be shot at going in like that. He saw the two dogs milling around, agitated, when he got to the front yard. They let out a whine that sounded like a cry, and nudged at his hands.

For a sickening moment, Jensen thought somebody got Jared. Then, he saw someone walking out from all that smoke and flames, skin gleaming from sweat, like some hero out of the saga of Homer. It was Jared, wearing only a used-to-be white wife beater and sweat pants, bare-footed. His hair a crazy mess. Only then did Jensen realize how much Jared's hair had tamed over the years.

A flood of relief washed over him, so much so that he felt light-headed. Then he took in Jared's outfit, asked 'What happened?' Jared had this crazy grin in place, said 'I was showering, then Sadie and Harley here,' the two dogs abondoned Jensen in favor of crowing Jared, Jared scratched their ears and continued, 'came barking at the bathroom door. Soon as I turned off the water, I heard people, so I got out from the window and the fire started.'

'Morgan's people?' Jensen asked, kind of dumbly.

'No, my long-lost uncle got rich and wants me to inherit his fortune.That's his man calling.' Jared gave him a sharp look, 'Of course Morgan's people. Six of them. Who else would it be?'

Before Jensen could come up with a smart retort, Chad's car screeched to stop in front of the yard. He flew out, not squinting for once, yelling 'Jared! Ja-red!' Jared waved at him, said 'Here, here. I am fine.'

The three of them stood there watching the house burn. Chad was stressed and pissed. He glared at Jensen, and asked Jared 'How did those fucker know you are gonna be here? Who else know?'

Jared shrugged, trying to palcate him, said rather nonchalantly 'Shit happens. Morgan is not stupid, he started it with a plan. He might have this place watched or something, who knows.'

Chad shook his head, firmly, said 'No, no way, you haven't been back here for ever. Nobody even knows about this place anymore.'

Jared shrugged again, universal gesture of how the fuck should I know.

Chad was glaring daggers at Jensen, couldn't help but accused 'I heard Morgan bought all of your debt.'

Jared spoke before Jensen even opened his mouth. He said 'Chad. ' Just the name, but full of meaning and warning, then he added 'It's Jensen.'

Jensen's brain was working overdrive, and suddenly it hit him. He asked Jared 'You had company?'

Jared shook his head at him, confident, 'It's not her.'

'Then who?!' Jensen felt his anger rose up fast in his chest, 'How do you know it's not her, she wants Gabe alive, she traded information. Told you she is playing an angle!'

Jared turned to look at him, dead calm, said 'I know it's not you, that's how I know it's not her.' he paused, eyes turned back to the fire, then said 'if I were wrong, I deserve whatever I got. But I am not.'

Chad snorted. Jensen didn't have anything to say to that.


Jensen was not completely surprised to find Gabe sitting on the floor right outside his door, apparently waiting for him. He struggled to to his feet, seeing Jensen coming close. Jensen opened his door and waved Gabe inside, asked 'What are you doing sitting outside? You know Morgan's people stop by, you'd be so dead if they see you.' Jensen was surprised that he sounded like he cared. He didn't.

'Man, you'd shoot me so fast, if I was in there.' Gabe explained, somewhat relieved by Jensen's remark. Gabe talked fast, like he expected people to cut him off mid-sentences, so he tried his best to get all his words out as soon as he opened his mouth.

Gabe was, once upon a time, handsome. Jensen knew because he had seen a picture of him with Carla, one that Carla kept in her wallet. It was yellowed by time, crinkled at the edges, cherished by a woman fiercely. In that picture, Gabe was just over 20 and Carla a couple years shy, both still hadn't lost all the innocence despite the harsh life they had led. Their eyes had sparkles of hope and softness of the youth. Nowadays, though, Gabe took on a distinct look of alley rats, greedy and hungry, jittery all the time.

Jensen nodded slightly, the guy had a point.

Gabe started to babble when Jensen started to move around the apartment, loosing his boots, getting comfortable. His words slurred and jumbled together, hard to make out anything that he was trying to say. Jensen had seen Gabe scared, because the guy always always managed to get on the wrong side of some big shot, but he had never seen him so scared, like he knew his days were numbered and death was imminent. Jensen couldn't help but feel a twinge of pity for him. He got up and poured something strong, pushed the tumbler into Gabe's hand, said 'Drink up.' Gabe gulped it down, and finally finally started talking sense.

'You have to get me out of here. You have to.'

'Why's that?' The pity was gone instantly, all Jensen felt was irritation.

'Carla said you'd help me. You would, wouldn't you.' Gabe was all nerves and jumpy, eyes wide and crazy, he continued almost smugly with a crooked grin that Jensen had to suppress the urge to knock off his face, 'Besides, I saved you, you know.'

'You saved me? When? How?' Jensen was more curious than he cared to admit.

'Just the other day, I was following Carla, I saw her get into your building. I know she got a thing for you. Ya'now, carrying a torch for you or something. Then I saw Stan, tailing her. So I shot him, so that words doesn't get around to your boss that you are banging his girl.'

Jensen was speechless for a second. This war started because Stan was shot, and Jared assumed that Morgan's men shot him. Then the realization hit him like a thunder bolt. He asked carefully, slowly, 'You were following Carla around these days?'

Gabe shrugged, eyes shifty, tried to go for light, 'Yeah, sure, why not.'

Jensen lowered his voice, 'Don't lie to me, or I will shoot you right where you stand.' He was serious too, his gun was out and pointing at Gabe's midsection

Gabe paled, words flowing out in a rush, 'No, I didn't follow Carla, not in person. I was tracking her cell, GPS, thing, ya know, on a computer. She is my sister, I have to look after her. Always. I gotta know where she is at, that she is safe.'

Jensen didn't relent, gun pointed at the dead center of Gabe's chest. Gabe went down on his knees, honest to God tears streaking out, he clasped his hands in front of his face as if praying, begged, 'Don't kill me, please please please, I don't wanna die. Who is to look after Carla, my baby sister, when I am gone? She has nightmares, you know. I have to look after Carla, I have to, who else is going to do it? Who? I can't die, I can't, please please, please.... Carla said you promised, you promised her, you promised...'

It took all two seconds for Jensen to decide what to do. He said 'Fine, get up. I promised Carla that I'd get you outta here in one piece. I will get you outta here in one piece. Let's go. Now.' He cut short of Gabe's gushing gratitude with a hard shove, and they were on their way out.


They drove out of the town with the headlights off, the moon was bright enough though and there was practically nobody on the road. Gabe started to relax as soon as they went past the town line. He finally stopped peering into the rear-view mirror every other second and sunk back into his seat, sighed heavily, his dirty little smirk made a reappearance.

Then the car made some weird sputtering noise a couple miles out of town, Gabe went tense instantaneously, he sat up and asked nervously 'What's that?'

'Crap..... I was going to take the car in for a tune up. It's leaking engine oil.' Jensen said, tense too. He kept on driving though, in a litany of Gabe's muttered 'Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck.' A few more miles down the road, the sputtering sound became clanking noise, then the engine died.

Jensen got out of the car, gave it a good kick, then gestured Gabe to come out, raised his voice impatiently when Gabe didn't comply, 'Come on, we need to hide the car.' Gabe got out only because he did not have a choice, his eyes shiftier if that was even possible, sending furtive glances up and down the road. He licked his lips nervously, asked 'Why?' Jensen rolled his eyes, told him 'If you want whoever happens to pass by to take a shot at you, fine by me. I don't know why I am saving your ass in the first place.'

Gabe grunted unhappily, but started pushing. They got the car well into the trees and hid it well. Gabe was looking left and right as if figuring a way out, and right then Jensen asked quite conversationally 'Why did you sell out Jared?'

Gabe froze, eyes went wide in surprise, disbelief, desperation and above all, the realization that he was about to die. That moment of silence was all Jensen needed, what he'd call a moment of truth, he could almost feel sympathy for the guy. Only he didn't.

Then Gabe's gear kicked back, he sputtered, 'No, I didn't, man, you know I didn't, why would I?'

'Stop lying to me. You sold out Jared, only he didn't die and now you are running for your pathetic life.' Jensen said with disgust, more talking it out than trying to get a confession, 'It was a trap, that thing of you with Morgan. For what? Your last scheme? You owe Morgan a lot of money? You followed Carla, more likely, you tracked her phone. You just told me that was how you found her at my building. That how you got the address?'

Gabe stared at him, suddenly defiant, finally nodded, 'Yeah, I tracked her phone. '

Jensen nodded, 'I figured. Soon as you told me you tracked Carla to my building, I know it had to be you. The only thing I don't get is why? Why'd you do that? If only you hang on for a couple more days, Jared is going to make an honest woman out of Carla. You know Jared, he'd be your protection, 'cause you're his scum now. So, why?' He turned to look at Gabe in the eye, really wanting to know.

Gabe stood there open-mouthed, staring at him. For a moment, Jensen thought he was not going to get answer out of him. Then Gabe stood up straight, pulling to his full height, like he was making a final stand, which was mostly true. He spat out: 'I didn't know, al'right? Not at first, when the thing with Morgan going down. And you think Carla getting married, be a Padalecki, is good to me? How?! She will be Ms. Padalecki. What am I supposed to do? huh? Hang around like a dog waiting for scraps? Fuck that! We got a good life! She does what she does, and I do what I do. We are a team, us against the world! Now she wants to be all respectable and whatnot.... She's a whore! And she is good at it! She turned her first trick when she was 15! I know 'cause I was right fucking there!' His voice kept on rising until at last it was a high-pitched screech, drenched with indignation and self-pity.

For the second time of the night, Jensen was speechless. 'Jesus fucking Christ! You are the scumest scum!' was what he muttered when he finally found his voice.

Gabe deflated just as fast when he saw Jensen's gun pointing at him. He got down on his knees again and begged, real tear streaming down his cheeks, 'Please please, you promised Carla you'd get me out alive. You promised!'

'I lied.' Jensen told Gabe when shot him, twice, once in the heart, once through the head.

And then ...