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big happy family my arse

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j2 con

Chasing Blue Sky

Title: Chasing Blue Sky
Author: fourtenpm
Paring: Jensen/ofc, Jared/ofc
Rating: R
Word Count: ~8k

Notes: Written for spn_cinema, movie prompt: Millers Crossing
Warnings: No beta. No porn. There is an implied wedding at the end of the story, but definitely no happily ever after. Jensen and Jared are in a comrade-sharing-a-fox-hole kind of relationship. They are not together together at any time in this story.
It feels silly to break an 8k word story into 4 parts, but it does shut up my inner OCD, so there. Title from my second favorite Queensryche song.

Discription: Jared was a crime boss and Jensen worked for him. They got into a war with J.D. Morgan over a small time crook, who somehow became Jared's scum.

Part 1 the first night
Part II The Second Day
Part III The Third Day and Night
Part IV The Aftermath