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big happy family my arse

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Few Things

Watched part of episode 20 last night, then got interrupted when the baby woke up and demanded mommy. Why he never does that on the nights that I am not watching tv, I don't know, there must be a guideline for babies dictating never let mommy got too comfy watching TV in the sofa. Anyway, to my surprise, I really really like it, well, up to the point where I had to go and tend to baby needs. This episode is Castiel heavy, but I do like the narrative of it, and the idea that heaven is actually individual best moments in lives of all the people fused together. And Dean is saying 'It's Cas' like he was saying 'It's Sam' back in season 2, then that little sad smile when he figured out Castiel was indeed working with Crowley. Crowley is funny, and paranoid, and truly afraid of the Winchesters, which is wise of him. Ah, yeah, I think watching the show ads free makes it so much better, I just might do it like that from now on.

Have been reading big-bang, mostly reading RPF, Sam and Dean stories are just too sad for me to get into, right now. Don't hide your light is written by a writer I much like, nothing too dramatic happened, or happened off screen, but a good read. Aiming to shoot you down is such a fun fic to read. Once again, nothing overtly dramatic happened, but oh so very enjoyable. The idle job is kinda western and action. I can totally see it play out like an action movie, the loner leading hero, with a hot (male) doctor as the love interest. The story unfolds quite nicely, on the other hand, once it's fully unfolded, something doesn't quite make sense.

Really like the fact that a lot of the fics are posted on AO3, where I can download them directly from my poor pc phone. Remember the joke: if Gates got a dime every time windows crash, he'd be a millionaire, oh wait, he already is. yeah, he already is.