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big happy family my arse

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Songs and Other Stuff

The song that was playing when Sam and the girl was in the car in 6.22 is Playing with Fire of the Rolling Stones. I just thought it sounded awfully familiar at the time, then I heard it again on my way to work from my MP3 player this morning. I am listening to a lot of the Stones lately, they got a lot of blues in them, and I really really like that. It's amazing that they can translate their feelings into their tunes, like This Place is Empty, you know they are missing someone, but the someone is coming back; while No Expectation, it is plain as day it's a farewell song. It's really a blessing to be able to express oneself so clearly.

Not reading as much big-bang stories as last year, but has been so excited that killer_fic decided to write one this year. She writes stuff gentle and sweet, even if it's violence. And then there is this western story that I finished. It's an ok story and doesn't pretend to be more.

And, I have been checking my stats, mainly because I am curious as to how many readers I got, especially my stories. Apparently, I am getting some traffic, but, of course the number doesn't add up, since I got more visits to the last chapter of this story than the first one. I guess lj is trying to stroke/comfort my ego or something.