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big happy family my arse

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3 Down, 3 to Go

Done watching season 3. Man the little girl Lilith is creepy. And Rufus, what a grumpy old man character. They really really should stop killing off interesting characters. Like Rufus. And wow, blue ray is so much sharper than regular dvd!

Oh, and this fic is a very good story, the emotions run so true. Jared and Jensen are not flawless in the fic, by all means, they got all the flaws. Jensen is kind of passive-aggressive in the sense that he put up with things until he explodes; Jared is just on the wrong side of ego size. But you do feel for them, 'cause it can happen. Of course, the more practical side of things won't, like they own a restaurant, the building, I mean, in Manhattan, by the Hudson river, no less, before they hit like 25. Not happening unless their families are seriously loaded. But who cares about that sorta of details in a romance story, right? Right?
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