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big happy family my arse

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A few Big Bang Stories

I really like this story by poor_choice. Her writing has always been very touching, there is a undertone of sadness, but very hopeful. Great story.

All the way home is a story about two guys who each think they are not good enough for the other.I like the way the story is written, true and honest. The supporting characters are great too, in that they are real people but not some props to move the plot along.

This story is the sequel from last years bigbang story Fortress. Pretty much the only Sam/Dean story that I read so far. Quite a ride.

Under the Vast Sky is a world war II aftermath story. I really like the way the story is structured. The writer apparently is very detail orientated, I especially appreciate the scene where when Rosie first called Jarek papa, Jarek got confused 'cause in Polish papa means tar paper. 'Cause, you know, attention to details. And I am utterly glad that there is no mentioning of anything sexual between Jarek and Lieutenant Jensen, 'cause they were POW trying to escape, it would be really weird if they were thinking about sex. But I do feel like the author could hold some exclamation marks.
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