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big happy family my arse

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More Fics

tailgates down in the parking lot is a teenage angst/coming of age fic, in the same vein as Catcher in the Rye. I have no patience for that one, but I do like this one. Mostly, I think, because the teenage Jared has a reason to be that angry. On the other hand, I kind of do get why his mother did what she did. It's completely fucked-up and the shittiest thing that one can do legally, but I do understand the urge to just up and go.

Hearthstone is more or less a romance, featuring baker Jared and recluse/writer Jensen. It's a great story.

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dime_for_12 July 10th, 2011
I saw this post last night, and on your word I read both of them (I've been kind of horrible with BBs this year, I don't even know). And you're right - the first one was good, but the second was really great, I enjoyed it a lot :D
(hi hi, how are you?)

fourtenpm July 10th, 2011
I'd like to think I got good taste in things....

well, baby and hubby are home, so life goes back to messy and chaotic. How about you? You withdraw your big_bang? pouting

dime_for_12 July 11th, 2011
I did withdraw. Didn't want to, and I'm still ~working on it, but I just have so many ideas with no ability to translate it onto paper (for ANY story, ;_; ) and no real time (right now) to work through that, so yeah. It's in my WIP folder along with a dozen other story snippets now!

Messy and chaotic? I can imagine :DDDD GOTTA LOVE FAMILY (or you'd *points to icon* ....

ahahahaha I KID, I KID >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>:DDDDDDDDDDDDDD)

fourtenpm July 12th, 2011
you know, i used to think that I want a pet, but then I realized I have two already.....

yeah, first year grad school can be overwhelming. then you got a lot more on your plate with testing and stuff. I can imagine that you don't get much time for non-school stuff.

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