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big happy family my arse

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2 sequels

How to Marry a Millionaire is the sequel to 48 simple rules. It's quite a fun read. The whole main story is written from Jared's point of view, then there are a few inserts written in Jensen's. While it makes the story whole, and explains a lot of Jensen, I don't quite think it works in terms of writing. I do love the little twist with Misha, it's sweet and unexpected.

Siren Song is the sequel to And the Devil Makes Three. That story ended with Dean's wife thinking everything is going to work out. This story is how it got worked out. While the writing is good, it doesn't quite make sense for me. Probably because I never could fathom how a long-term threesome could/would work out. And I gotta say, married for 3 years and producing 2 kids, pretty fast from where I am sitting.