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big happy family my arse

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Regarding kid!fic

My problem with kid!fic is that I have one. Kid, I mean. He is 3 and half years old, refused to answer when a neighbor said 'hi, baby' to him because 'I'm not a baby. I'm a big boy.' Anyway, I kinda wince when gals write about tiny little babies with intelligent eyes, right after birth. 'Cause baby eyes are cloudy, not really seeing much. They got this shine of pure trust in their eyes that will melt your heart only after a few months, I'd say 6, maybe earlier, I don't remember all that clearly, but most definitely not right after birth, not even in the first couple months.

I found this summergen entry has the most accurate description of a new born baby, or rather, life with a new born, even it's only in the last few or so paragraphs. It's a heartbreaking story, doesn't tell you exactly what happened, but rather 5 perfect slices of life, like old photos in the museum, keeps you wonder what happened, what life had led to that picture and how it turned out, and all the more moving and haunting because you don't know.