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big happy family my arse

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Fic: Mother Instinct

Written for a prompt over at ohsam,

They stumble into the roadhouse barely semi-conscious. Actually, scratch that. Dean is out cold, hanging off on Sam's shoulder limp and almost lifeless; Sam is hanging onto the world of living by sheer stubbornness. Needless to say, they are covered in blood and grime, and greenish goo.

Ellen flies out from behind the counter, yelling for Ash, and gets herself under Dean's other shoulder. Sam sighs with relief and almost let go. Ellen slaps him, tells him: 'Not yet, Sam, not yet. I can't haul two grown ass men to the back. Let's get your boys in the room, then you can pass out.' Sam grumbles something remotely like yeah, and starts walking again.

On their staggering way to the back, Ellen asks, sharp and firm, 'Sam, talk to me. Where are you hurt?' Sam made a visible effort of concentrating, slurred: 'Dean got clawed, in the side; ankle, right, sprained, not broken, I don't think. I can't sew him up good enough. Wrist in the braces.... Sorry about the mess.' He adds that as an afterthought, on autopilot, the respectful polite young man that he is.

Ellen snorts at the apology, urges him on: 'You? What about you?' By then they have somehow made it into the back room, laid Dean down as gently as they can manage on the bed. Sam not so much as sits down as his legs give out on him. He blinks at Ellen, mumbled rather dumbly 'huh?' Ellen tells him: 'Dean is not bleeding, you are. Where are you hurt?' Sam keeps on looking at her, clearly not following. Ellen finds the drill sergeant in her and commands, hoping to hell that he'd respond to the tone, 'Sam, I need you to inventory your injuries.' Sam shakes his head as if to clear it, bad mistake, he turns greenish instantly. He soldiers on though, slurs through his answers: 'Concussed, I think.' Ellen has to roll her eyes at that, 'Obviously. What else?' Sam makes his thinking face, says 'Nothing hurts.' Ellen shakes her head, tells him: 'You either took too bad a hit to the head, or it's the adrenaline, you are bleeding. Now strip and let me have a look.' Sam refuses, points to Dean, and does his best at speaking clearly, which ends up in slurred words barely string together despite the effort: 'Dean, cut, really deep, bleeding out.' His expression a mixture of indignation, earnest and pissed off, as if he can't decide whether he is going to plea or bully his case. If it isn't for the fact that one of his pupil is way bigger than the other, Ellen would have found it incredibly amusing. As for now, Ellen barks order at him, hoping the instinct from all the years of following orders under dangerous situation would kick in, 'Sam, get out of your clothes and sit.' Then she adds: 'Dean will live. I will patch him up after you. Now, I am going to get supply, when I am back, you are gonna let me see to your injuries. Understand?'

When she comes back with the supplies, she is relieved to find Sam has stripped down to his boxers and is sitting down staring at the floor. There is a nasty looking gash that is still oozing blood. It starts on his neck and continues across his chest , as if whatever they were hunting almost succeeded in ripping his throat out. Ellen tells herself the operative word here is almost, and wills her stomach to unclench. She splashes holy water then peroxide, then pats the wound down gently, glad to see that it doesn't really need that much stitches. She supposes it keeps on bleeding because Sam has been using all his muscles. Ellen then says to Sam, almost motherly, 'Sam, I am going to patch you up. Hold still for me. I don't wanna give you heavy stuff 'cause of your head. It's only gonna be a couple stitches, will be done before you know it.' Sam gives the barest nod, and barely flinches when Ellen pushes the needle through the skin. As promised, she is done in no time. Sam is almost out of it at the end, when Ellen pushes him down with a gentle hand, he just goes with it.

Ellen moves on to check Dean. She cuts off Dean's layers of clothes, and sucks in a breath when she sees the wounds. It is long and deep, with a row of neat, if slightly uneven, stitches holding it together. She can't tell if she is impressed that Sam could patch Dean up so good under his condition, or pissed about the life they have that makes them capable of doing just that. She does her holy water and peroxide routine with Dean's wound, checks their breathing and heartbeat, decides to let them rest and heal.

She walks back to the front, yelling for Ash to take over a bit longer so that she can change out of her now goo-y bloody clothes. As much as she cares about the boys, Ellen is grateful that they are not hers. She doesn't need to imagine how their mother would feel if she can see her boys now, she knows. She pours herself a shot of something illegally strong and calls Jo.

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ladykorana August 17th, 2011
Thanks for filling my prompt! I really wish the show would have given us something like this. I love it when the boys are so worried about each other that they forget about their own injuries. Good stuff. :)

fourtenpm August 17th, 2011
thanks for commenting. I actually do not see Ellen as the mothering mother type.

Yeah, in my head the injuries happened like this: Dean played bait, when the thing, with wing and talon, got too close for (Sam's) comfort, Sam dealt a blow, but did not kill. So the thing went after Sam, heavy blow to the head with the wing, which caused the concussion; the thing went in for the kill, Dean pushed Sam out of the way and took the hit in the back, Sam managed to decapitate the thing with his sickle, you know the one he hide from Jess in Pilot, the thing grabbed onto him right when its head was falling off, hence the wound in the chest.

ashleymarie84 September 5th, 2012
I love seeing someone playing the mother role for these guys. They really need someone to care for them. It breaks my heart that Dean only got 4 years with his mom and Sammy doesn't even have any memories of her. I always thought Ellen would be perfect for this role. Loved the story! :)

fourtenpm September 5th, 2012
Thank you so much for commenting. They really don't have much mother figure in their lives, do they?

nblaque_impala January 15th, 2013
This was wonderful <3

Is it weird that my fav part is that, when Ellen asks him if he's hurt, he starts telling her all about Dean :) So much love for this!

fourtenpm January 16th, 2013
Ah, thank you!

You know, I think at that point, Sam is mostly not functioning, and everything boils down to Get Dean to Ellen, or Dean dies. He only got that much brain left, literally. So, yeah, he doesn't really hear Ellen's question, just assumes it about Dean.

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