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big happy family my arse

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The Quake

As they say. I did not feel a thing, probably because I was running on the treadmill or probably that was why I did not manage the full-bridge pose the first time around. But just as I was walking back to work, I got the call from daycare, saying they were evacuating all the kids. So I went and picked mine up. My co-worker was there with his little girl, who is half a year younger than mine. He was in the middle of something kids-unfriendly, so I offered to watch both of the kids. I mean, I know mine is a little bit of a fireball, but that little girl is this little tiny shy quiet thing. How bad can it be?

Turned out very bad. They fed off on each other's energy, and was playing pushing stools and opening drawers in no time. The thing was that I was not unprepared, I got a puzzle they could try to solve, and color pencils and unlimited amount of paper. Those things got their attention for all of 5 minutes, more or less, during which I deluded myself that I could still get some work done. But apparently, playing with stuff they were told not to was so much more fun. It turned out that while mine can be headstrong and not listening to mommy, that little girl is a lot worse, and I mean, A LOT. So I ended up time-out her. Right after she spilled my mug of water on my keyboard (hopefully it doesn't die on me, fingers crossed), and went on to open cabinet doors and pull boxes out. I wiped my keyboard dry and closed whatever been pulled out/open in that 2 minutes she sat in time-out. --- She looks so tiny and sad and miserable that anyone with a heart would think the one put her there heartless. Mine was there to keep her company though, then when I went over to complete the ritual of timeout, by hugging, he reminded the girl to say sorry. Then there were hugs and air kisses and everybody loves everybody still.

Half an hour later after that, my coworker came back. He took over watching them for a bit, then I heard the two shouting at each other: That is MY daddy! That is MY mommy! It was hilarious, especially if one of them is yours. Otherwise, it gets pretty old pretty fast.

So, this is the highlight of my earthquake experience. Definitely reinforced the only child status of my baby.