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big happy family my arse

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Free Will my behind?

Man, what a show! Sam died again, as non-ceremonially as the last time; Anna is really gone, for real, cannot say i will miss her, much. So Micheal raised Lucifer, that is pushing it a bit too much unnecessarily; and I just knew he'd wipe Mary and  John's memory clean, 'cause we all knew it was Missouri who drew the curtain for John. So the song remains the same.

Now let's talk about free will, or the non-existence of it. I am an atheist, but I believe, kinda, in fate. Like the universe has to line up in a certain way so that I end up sitting where I am sitting. I had thought about that, how everything is random, and not actually; like there is someone up there who got a weired sense of humor and just wanna throw you the thing you voiced loud opinion about. Karma. So to speak. They are not really pleasant thoughts to have, so I do not think about it, much.

Oh, enough about me, Sam and Dean Winchester, do they have free will? They do, and they do not. They have a choice, between saying yes or no; but the fact remains that they have to make that choice, they end up where they are because of circumstances completely out of their control. Well, everybody lands in a mess due to reasons out of his/her control, then again, there is no mess like the Winchester mess. And they got there so very logically, in the way that how can they not. I don't know what I am talking about any more.

I think everybody is here for a reason, more or less, for better or for worse. I DONOT think the reason for the Winchesters to be here is to end the world, even it is just in the Supernatural universe.