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big happy family my arse

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Ha and other stuff

We went on a road trip this long weekend, hubby drove, and he didn't like the thing that I had playing (Rolling Stone's London Years), 'cause he is the top 50 kind of guy. So we switched to top-50. Of course baby had something to say about it (he wanted the Stones back, good taste, baby, good taste). How did I come up with the rule to effectively shut him up? 'Driver picks the music!' Ha, never thought spn would come handy in parenting.

It's unseaonably warm and seriously nice this weekend. Nice.

Dean told the kid to come back look for him in a few years. That line sounds awefully familiar, until someone pointed out it's from Kill Bill. I don't think what Dean did at the end of the episode is atrocious or out of character. He's always been the black-and-white type of guy. He fought his destiny when it's imposed on him, and he sees himself as a killer. And I think this ending is the build up for the next episode, which I have seen some set photo of. Am very happy to see Sam was there sitting by his side when he went on trial with this Egyptian god guy. Glee.