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big happy family my arse

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It keeps on getting better

I am completely utterly unashamedly squee-ing, this season just keeps on getting better.
Sam as a defense lawyer, what a sight to see. And he watches The Good Wife, now we know he watches court drama as opposed to Dean's ER drama. Interesting.
Dean pep-talks himself outside of the bar, waiting for the waitress, so cute. Speaking of, the waitress is a cool chick, got lines like shrink with unlimited alcohol supply, nice.
Though I kinda want to know how Sam got the horn out of the synagogue.
Mostly I am so happy that Dean got issues other than daddy and empty/dead inside. Finally some Dean character development.
Shallow note, they look so good. Dean with his sad-eyed smile and 5-o'clock shadow. And Sam is all lean and long, and look like a fox. Gawd.