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big happy family my arse

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Bottomless Pit

Supernatural season 7 is a great season. This episode had me laughing so hard, also 'cause of this video clip of their life in a motel room. I don't consider it spoiler-ly, but be warned before you click to play, if you click to play.

Haven't watched much Buffy, and don't really plan to, but I do remember them from a few Angel. So spiky and Cordy are supposed to not grow old together, forever and ever. It's a miracle that they are still together, well, it must be love. Come to think of it, the old witches that are featured in none-story arc episodes on SPN are all kinda OK people, thinking back to Patrick in season 5. And the pissing contest between the husband and wife is all kinds of gross and .... funny. I especially like the bit where the woman said to the wife that 'you have people who love you, no one could take that away.' Then swoosh, oops, seems like the husband just did. I guess my sense of humor has a bit of pretty dark side.

The couple counsuling is pure gold, but what impressed me the most is how much the husband and wife acted in tune against the Winchester. It's almost like they were singing duet, the way they chanted curse together, although I gotta say the pose they were posing is a bit too much. I guess a couple, be it hubby and wife or demon hunting brothers, just get to that point where they know what the other would do.

And I wonder, before I forget, whether the off hand remark by Spiky, 'Find a bottomless pit and dump it in', which he made twice, is just offhand remark or foreshadowing. Still too early, I guess, but this season starts off in a tighter narrative of story than I have remembered, so, who knows.