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big happy family my arse

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Sam really gets John now, after what he went through during the summer when Dean was torn away and into pieces right in front of him, he knows now that John had to do something so as to keep sane. Nice echo from Nightmare, when he said a little less hunting, a little more torquilla, John could have been the abusive father Max's was. Now that he told the young John that he forgives what hunting did to their family, their life, and that he loves him, hopefully, this is closure for some of his guilt over John, and that he has let go of some of his anger.

And he was considering just let Anna kill him, if that would work. Now we are onto sacrifice for the sake of humanity stage? I have a nagging suspicion that the 100th epi where Micheal show up would be situation like Jus in bello, except the sacrificial lamb would be Sam instead of Nancy the virgin. He'd be so willing too.