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big happy family my arse

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Cash, Credit or Debit

Yeah, I like this episode. The brothers are talking, about how they REALLY feel, what they really think --- I like Sam said: You lied to me and you killed my friend. I mean, he got his priority straight --- without either one of them dead or dying, or in a coma so they can't hear! Finally! Couple counselling is working!

But, what I like the most about this episode are the supporting characters. Camile is certainly voicing her opinion about how things should go by way of spririt. And the other psychic gal off clock was actually pretty, errh, normal. The museum curator(?), he got this professional persona, and then the slightly apologetic and almost shy way of talking when it's real trade. The back story here of the town and town people is pretty rich, one can easily imagine what's life like, and it's not uninteresting.