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big happy family my arse

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Fic: Something Good

Title: Something Good
Author: fourtenpm
Paring: none
Rating: PG
Word Count: 1900+ words

Notes: Written for spn_cinema, movie prompt: The Bourne Supremecy . This story is based on the first 10 minutes of the movie, inspired by a line of Bourne: 'Oh, I remember something good everyday.' I might have used it.

Dean wakes up warm and content, ready to tear down the world. He opens his eyes, finds his room a little different from it used to be, though familiar. He is confused for a second, then he remembers, he doesn't have daddy, mommy and Sammy anymore. Mommy bathed him, Daddy tucked him into bed after he kissed Sammy good night. He woke up the next day, not in his own bed, not even in his house. He was in the house of a complete stranger, Daddy and Mommy did not come when he cried for them; only uncle Sam showed up, and told him that daddy and mommy had left, and he will take care of Dean from now on.

Dean is pretty sure daddy and mommy, especially mommy, would have sat him down and explained everything to him. They wouldn't leave without telling him, so he knows there must be something wrong. However, for some reason, he trusts uncle Sam, who he has never seen before in all four years of his life. More than that, he knows that uncle Sam is sad; asking about dad, mom and Sammy makes him sadder, and he wants to make him happy. So he stopped asking after a couple weeks.

Dean feels safe with uncle Sam and Bobby, though, as if they have lived together for ever; and they are nice to him too. But he still really misses daddy, mommy and Sammy, so much he wants to cry all the time. And he really really wants to go home. One night, after he woke up from a bad dream full of dark shadows, he found uncle Sam hugging him tight, shushing him and asking: 'Hey, Dean, it's OK, you are OK...... what's the matter?' He didn't realize he was crying, until Sam wiped his face, he blurted out in between his hiccups and sobs: 'I wanna go home.' Uncle Sam hugged him tighter, said quietly: 'Yeah, Dean, I will take you home. Promise.'

They stayed at uncle Bobby's for a few more weeks after that. Dean played hide and seek with the dogs while Sam and Bobby looked through stacks of old books, the thing they had been doing for as long as Dean remembers. Only they argued a lot more, Dean was pretty sure about him, but they always stopped when they noticed him around. One day uncle Sam said that school year was starting and took him home. Uncle Bobby was not happy about that, but uncle Sam said that it's uncle Bobby's way of saying he would miss them.

They drove to Lawrence in dad's car, got the house back from a nice lady. Uncle Sam has taken Dean to visit a couple schools and enrolled him in one to start coming September. Their life has settled into somewhat of a routine. Dean gets up about 7 in the morning, goes to the kitchen to eat his breakfast with Sam. They'd go to the library midmorning, spending sometime reading the books and some time playing on the computers. Then they go home to have lunch, after a short nap they go to the playground.

This morning, Dean grabs his favorite car, a shiny black car just like dad's, and goes downstairs looking for breakfast. When he gets to the kitchen door, he can hear Sam talking, he peeks in to check if they got visitors.

There is only Sam puttering around, holding a phone to his ear, putting pots back and pulling pans out of cabinets, opening frig door and taking milk cartoon and eggs out. There are a big mixing bowl and a bag of flour sitting on the counter, a leaning tower of neatly stacked egg shells by the bowl. He is holding a measuring pitcher up high with the hand that is not holding the phone and peering dubiously at the batter in the cup, as he speaks to the phone,

'Yeah, Bobby, I did call you up at 7 in the morning asking you about pancakes. You'd rather me calling you at ass hours and ask you how do I kill the thing that is ripping my brother's throat out?'

Bobby grumbled something close enough to a no.

Sam laughs, 'Yeah, I didn't think so. And don't pretend you won't call every 5 minutes if I don't call you once a day.'

Bobby grumbled something close enough to a yes.

Sam continues, 'Yeah, so, I am making pancakes, but it doesn't feel right, you know, not fluffy like yours.. just not really pancake-y. Anyway, uhm, you got a recipe?'

'One word, premix. You think I made the stuff from scratch?' Sam appreciates that Bobby refrains from adding 'igit'

'Huh, pancake premix. So I have been up all night trying to replicate pancake premix.....'

'Sam, you got no sleep?' Bobby's worry is heavy even over the phone line.

'No. I'm fine. I got a few hours of good sleep last night, then I woke up, so I get up and checked on Dean.... ' Sam laughs, a little, feeling a bit silly at sharing the stories, 'You know he sleeps with all his toy cars. Every night, he parks all of them on his bed, in rows, very neat and very particular about it, they cover at least half of his bed, he doesn't really have that much room to sleep. It's so cute.'

'Dean would be thrilled to know that he is cute.' Bobby says dryly.

Sam sighs, 'Well, considering what he used to have under his pillow, I'd take toy cars any time..... Oh, Bobby, Dean is starting school.'

'School?' Bobby tenses at that, 'Sam, I didn't want to say this, but do you want your brother back?'

'Of course I do, Bobby, what kind of question is that?' Sam puts the pitcher down and turns to look outside. It's shaping up to be a nice day, sunny with light breeze, not real wind. Sam thinks idly that he should take Dean out and ran him ragged so that bed time routine would go smoother, probably, maybe, besides, the new bike needs to be ridden.

Bobby answers, almost like he'd heard Sam's thoughts, 'It just seems like you are spending more time playing house, than finding a way to reverse the curse. Ya' know, so that we get Dean back.' He puts stress on 'back', quite heavily.

Sam feels irritated all a sudden, this is an argument they have had a hundred times, he breathes in to calm himself, says: 'Bobby, we've talked about this... The witch is dead, she didn't leave notes. We have been looking around for months, Bobby, close to half a year. He has grown out of his pants, for God's sake. And we found squat.'

Bobby pushes on: 'Doesn't mean there's nothing. '

Sam's frustration gets the better of him, he almost yells into the phone: 'Bobby, I can't operate on the theory that this is only temporary, that he is turning back any minute now. 'Cause we've been looking, we've been asking around, and we found nothing, not anything that works anyways. I mean, I am not giving up on looking for a way to turn him back, but in the mean time, I am not letting him just sit there and wait, 'cause what if we don't? what if we can't? I am not gonna do what dad did, saying this is only temporary but goes on for ever!'

'Sam......' Bobby tries.

Sam doesn't give him a chance to cut in, he continues: 'And Bobby, to tell you the truth, this is Dean, before the fire. Before. The. Fire! Mom and dad kissed him good night, none of the crap afterwards happened. I can't, and I don't feel it's completely a bad thing!'

'Sam, ' Bobby tries again.

Sam doesn't want to hear what he has to say, he keeps on going: 'You know, Dean had to take some test for the school. They got gifted kids program, can you believe that? they are testing them at 4 years old. Anyway, Dean got in, he got in smart kids program. Bobby, you know Dean never got the chance, to be a kid and grow up one day at a time. This is his chance.'

Bobby asks slowly, resigned, 'What if we reversed the curse?'

Sam thinks about it, says softly, 'Then he got to be a kid before that happens.'

Bobby sighs, asks: 'What about you? You are not sleeping, obviously, and other stuff.'

Sam laughs a little, says 'You mean I might keel over and die any minute? You know what Jenny said. ..'

'Who is Jenny?' Bobby is confused.

'Jenny is the woman who had our house, we got rid of a poltergeist for her 8, 9 years ago... God, I can't believe it's not even ten years yet, it felt so much longer. Anyway, she got remarried, and moved to the husband's place. The school district has better high school and middle school. She sold our house back to us, and actually helped me finding a school for Dean. The point is, she said, the thing about being a single parent is that you can't get sick, you can't get injured, and you certainly can't die. Bobby, I can't die, so I won't die. Don't you worry about that.' He turns resolutely away from fantom snickers at the corner.

'You stubborn ass. Fine, I will keep on looking for a way to reverse the curse. Now, you won't object to that, would you?' Sometimes Bobby wonders how those Winchesters can still take him by surprise, but they do.

'Yeah, you do that, I will get the pancake going... Bobby... thanks, and we'd go to your place for Thanksgiving, can we?' He only hesitates a little, not sure about their welcome.

'Ya boys have been coming around non announced for how long? Now you ask? Idigt.' Bobby answers.

'Thanks, man.' Sam smiles a little.

Sam hangs up the phone, turns and sees Dean standing in the doorway, big green eyes luminous. For a second, a soul that is decades older than 4 years peeks out; then the pure innocence of the utterly inexperienced takes over. Sam is looking at a 4 year old again.

Sam feels his eyes water, right then he misses his brother Dean so much. Nobody shares his memories anymore, the realization makes him feel lonely and old. But he has something to live for in the now. He crouches down, clears his throat, says softly to the kid Dean: 'Hey buddy, didn't see you here.'

Dean goes over to hug him tight, like once he did when mommy was sad, asks: 'Why are you sad?'

Sam hugs back, feeling the thin shoulder blade and ribs under his palms, like he is holding a fragile baby bird in hand, says: 'I miss my brother.'

Dean pulls back, looks at him solemnly, says: 'I miss my brother too. We can remember them, together.' he stumbles over long words like remember and together, but Sam gets him, like always. So he nods, and says: 'Yeah, it's a great idea, let's remember them together. We remember something good everyday.'

Dean nods back, starts: 'My brother is a baby, his name is Sammy. Sammy no play. He laugh when I make silly face.'

Sam smiles at that, says 'My brother is Dean. He is a hero.'

the end.

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ace_p November 6th, 2011
that was so cute, and sad and adorable
thanks for sharing :)

fourtenpm November 7th, 2011
Thank you for reading and commenting.

farfadine November 6th, 2011
That was really cute!!

fourtenpm November 7th, 2011
Thanks for reading!

jespretender November 6th, 2011
Where's my tissue! That was really lovely, bittersweet and funny.

fourtenpm November 7th, 2011
Ah, thank you. The toy car parking thing is actually what mine does every night. hee.

storyspinner70 November 7th, 2011
Awwww, that was so darling! I loved this!

fourtenpm November 7th, 2011
ah, thank you.

catty_the_spy November 8th, 2011
*cuddles this fic*

fourtenpm November 8th, 2011
fic cuddles back

sandycub March 15th, 2012
This was so great! I can totally see Sam wanting to give Dean a childhood!

fourtenpm March 15th, 2012
thanks. me too.

amaya_elika March 21st, 2012
This is lovely.

fourtenpm March 21st, 2012
thanks :D

elfgirljen April 26th, 2012
Oh that cute and sad at the same time

fourtenpm April 26th, 2012

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