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big happy family my arse

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Master of Unimportant Details

Is it me getting squeamish in my old age or is it the show amped up the gross/gore this season, kinda over the top? This episode is just, gross. Especially when Bobby and Sam were 'taking a look under the hood', and Dean was talking about hungry..... But I gotta say, the adrenal gland looked like actual adrenal gland (what? I did a google search, I wanted to know). This degree of attention to details is kinda disturbingly professional. Now I am imagining all the fun the prop department was having making all this stuff.

And they made the doctor bibbed it. Which is just, wrong. What I don't get, because I'm stuck to my earthling logic, where did the stuff go? I mean the doctor started to eat himself, all that thing has to have a place to go, not just disappearing in thin air. And another thing that I don't get is why they, Sam and Dean, I mean, did not go in with huge knives and/or machete, and decapitate all those leviathans? 'cause that has proven to disable them for a while..... come to think of it, what happened to all the heads? Did they really manage to find a bottomless pit?

Gotta say, though, this season's big bad is really very big and very bad. Seriously worthy opponent.

I have to say this again, this season, I am starting to feel for Dean and his issues again, which is a very good thing, 'cause I used to like him so much.

And Bobby has foreshadowed the heck of it, what with telling Sam to live their own lives, and Dean to find a reason to get his head back in the game, then 'Now I have seen it all.' This kind of stuff never bode well for any characters of the show, more than a bullet hole in the middle of the cap.