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big happy family my arse

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There is a Reaper Coming for Everyone of Us

For the record, I think Bobby went, to Heaven, where in spn universe he lives in that afternoon when Dean and Sam debate the winning champ between Chuck Norris and Jet Li, the best of his memory. Then, again, he commited patricide, which might have already ruined his chance at heaven. But, who knows.

Rufus and his dangling erring, man, I miss him, sorely.

Sam is seeing Lucifer, 24/7, maybe. Dean is down right violent, the only way he knows how to deal. They are true orphans now, I gotta admit that I felt they got over John's death remarkably fast, despite some tailspin. And now it makes sense. 'Cause they still got a home, and a parent. Considering Bobby was invented to help along the plot, it's pretty impressive that he got this huge and important.

And it's hiatus, time for rewatch, think am going to start from the finale from last season. Hope they won't end the show with Dean strapping his beatiful mind brother in passenger seat and drive off a pier. Amen to spn god, who is mia.