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big happy family my arse

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Sometimes, I do wonder

There was this Russian sounding woman calling my work for a while, and she always asked for the Russian, so I had to go look then come back and tell her that no he is not available right now, can I take a message? She always said she'd call back.

Today she grumbled about never being able to get him, so I asked what was it that she was calling about. Apparently, she is with a company, and she is trying to collect on invoices that we owed. So I told her to fax it over to our office; she said: isn't it account payable that does the paying? I told her that I can sign on the invoice and send it over to account payable and they'd be paid. She was not all that enthusiastic about the idea, which is fine by me. Then she went on to ask wasn't our account payable address po box xx, city, state? I asked her don't you have this number street on your mailing address? She said, no, but that is your shipping address. I ended up spending 5 minutes on phone to convince her that 'yeah, you do need a street address in order for your invoice to get to our account payable office.'

I hope that is the end of the call. Sometimes, I wonder how people land their jobs. Especially since it's looking pretty hopeless for me right of now.