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big happy family my arse

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The Monster at the End of the Book

Sam's subconscious is a scary place. He knows all the stuff, but they have to come out by way of Luci; once he starts talking to his hallucination, there is no going back. It's really good to see them as competent and efficient hunters again, and a desperate Sam is a scary Sam.

Nice, in a good mystery story way, twist about the poor possession victim, nice call back to Phantom Traveller, where Sam said that demons possessing people with some kind of weakness.

I think in the flashback, Sam is wearing that jacket he wore in Malleus Maleficarum, and of course Dean is wearing his silver ring and the amulet. Sigh of happiness. I keep waiting for Dean to tell Jeffery not to bleed on his baby's upholstery, though.

And the motel room they stayed at looks kind like the one they used in a Curious Case of Dean Winchester, I mean the half wall kind divider right out side of the door. And the librarian is making out with her boyfriend in foreign book section, 'cause I see Chinese book titles. ha.